Getting Started

Create an account.

Cart Catch is free now and forever. You still need an account though, which is where we keep your branding, email copy, and information about abandoned carts. Set up an account at, it’ll take 20 seconds.

Install Cart Catch plugin.

We’ve made a super easy WooCommerce plugin called … “Cart Catch for WooCommerce”. When you’re signed in to WordPress, go to “Plugins” > “Add New” and search for Cart Catch. Install and activate it.

Hook up the app keys.

When you created your account, we would have sent you an intro email with a store ID and a secret key. You should enter those in WooCommerce now. (Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Cart Catch), and paste in the store ID and secret key.

Time to recover sales 🙂

We’re all time poor, so we designed Cart Catch onboarding to take about 2 minutes. Test out abandoning a cart and let Cart Catch run for a while, then sign in over at and configure your email branding and copy to exactly suit your style.

Don’t worry about getting slugged later – Cart Catch is free now and forever.