How does it work?

CartCatch is an innovative cart abandonment tool specifically designed from the ground up for WooCommerce stores.

We employ a few clever techniques to make sure your site visitors remember your store and come back to finish their purchases.

  1. As a potential customer browses your site and adds items to their cart, we record this data to make sure we can load their cart for them again later.
  2. When your customer enters their address information at checkout, we remember that data for later (it doesn’t reach CartCatch servers ever!)
    This means if the customer revisits from a different device, they’ll still be able to checkout with all their information ready to go. This suits a customer who starts their shopping at work and finishes it at home.
  3. If/When your customer enters their email, we record it for later use.
  4. If the customer leaves your store, we’ll start interacting with them over the next few days to see if they’d like to come back and finish their purchase. The customer may have closed their browser to cook dinner, their phone might’ve gone flat, or they might’ve kept shopping around the internet for better prices. Either way, they’ll be hearing from you and reminded that they started shopping on your store.

We find sending 2-3 emails over the following 72 hours will recover 15-19% of your abandoned carts, increasing your bottom line immediately.