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Dropshipping in Australia

Just a quick post about our platform partner Elvenda. Elvenda is an Australian dropshipping platform launching in mid-2019. What’s a dropshipping platform? The platform breaks up into two sides. Dropshipping suppliers, and dropshipping sellers. Elvenda has a full product catalog available from suppliers all around Australia, ready for you to start selling on your ecommerce […]

Choosing a cart abandonment service for WooCommerce

Why bother with Cart Abandonment at all Setting up cart abandonment emails are an essential part of running an E-commerce business in 2018. Cart abandonment refers to customers who browse your store, find items they like, add them to their cart, and then disappear never to return. A percentage of these customers intended to check […]

How to write the perfect cart abandonment email

Writing the perfect cart abandonment email is going to take some research, and plenty of trial and error. Over at SaleCycle, they’ve prepared an infographic detailing: The perfect time to send a cart abandonment email The perfect subject line for the email The perfect content It might save you a few hours next time you […]

CartCatch: Free alternative to Jilt

We’ve been working away on CartCatch for some time and we’re very proud of how far we’ve come! Both CartCatch and Jilt are modern, feature packed plugins for WooCommerce to help recover your lost sales when a customer abandons their cart. CartCatch is a fully featured alternative to Jilt for your WooCommerce cart abandonment email […]

The science of Abandoned Carts – Podcast Review

I regularly listen to the WP eCommerce podcast to keep on top of what’s happening in the industry. This instalment covered abandoned carts. There’s a few gold nuggets of information that are worth sharing (in bold). I’ve added my own notes after to elaborate further on the points. 70% of carts are abandoned. Ouch. Average […]