How to send Abandoned Cart emails free

As the owner of an eCommerce store, you should know about Abandoned Cart emails by now – read on to find out how to send abandoned cart emails free in WooCommerce.

To save you more searching, here’s your options for sending abandoned cart emails free from your WooCommerce store:

1. Use a free plugin

If you’re new to running a WooCommerce store or not convinced by this whole cart abandonment model yet, test the water with a free plugin and get an idea of the sales you can save by having a solution (any solution!) in place.

Free plugins are available, and the main trade off is you’re probably on your own if you have any problems, so make sure you’re the DIY type if you go down this road.

2. Use a paid on-site plugin

A paid plugin is going to manage everything you need with reasonable support available. After some setting up of emails and scheduling times you should be good to go. Since you’ll typically pay an amount up-front for the plugin, you might have problem with support and feature requests down the track. Some are a bit sneaky, selling you a ‘one year license’.

Check out:

WooCommerce abandoned cart pro

Yith Recover abandoned cart

3. Use a third-party provider

A third party provider could provide a happy compromise for you when searching for a cart abandonment solution. Generally, you can also still send abandoned cart emails free — most I’ve researched have a very generous free tier that ensures you’re not paying anything until you hit good returns.

We fall into this category, so you might as well try CartRebound. CartRebound is free for <$10,000/mo of captured sales.

Another good option is ReCart, give them both a shot!

Conclusion – sending abandoned cart emails free

All 3 types of abandoned cart solutions are worth trying and will suit different markets. From our perspective, a third-party provider needs to win you over every month, whether that’s with current features, stellar support or just great conversions.

If the tool does the job, a monthly cost will be a drop in the bucket of your potential returns.