CartCatch: Free alternative to Jilt

We’ve been working away on CartCatch for some time and we’re very proud of how far we’ve come!

Both CartCatch and Jilt are modern, feature packed plugins for WooCommerce to help recover your lost sales when a customer abandons their cart.
CartCatch is a fully featured alternative to Jilt for your WooCommerce cart abandonment email needs.

So how much is CartCatch?

We’ve got pricing explained in detail here, but the gist is it’s completely free for basic features. We’ll email your customers who have left products in their cart on your behalf, they can proceed to checkout and spend money on your store, all for a cost of $0.

Down the track, we’ll add premium features. But the core functionality is and always will be free.

What does it do?

We’ll capture your customer cart as they browse your store, as well as some information we need to get in touch with them. If they place an order at the time, that’s great! No need for CartCatch to get involved. However, if the customer abandons the cart (the kids are screaming, dinner is ready, they’re checking prices on ebay, Paypal is down!, etc) we’ll take over from there and send them 3x emails to invite them back to complete their purchase, later that day and later that week. You should expect your sales to increase +15% instantly.

We’ve got a campaign set up out of the box based on real world experience and data that you can modify to your hearts content.

It’s pretty straight forward to get up and running – register an account, install the plugin, skim over the preconfigured campaign  and.. You’re good to go. Of course, you should revisit and optimize the copy and the images down the track. For now, this gets you going and makes sure you’re recovering sales as quickly as possible.

So it’s an alternative to Jilt?

Yes. We’re very confident CartCatch is a fully featured alternative to Jilt – let us handle your cart abandonment emails and help you recover those sales. Reach out today to have a chat or get started. We’re available during the day to answer any questions you may have, and it’s always great to hear from potential customers.