Dropshipping in Australia

Just a quick post about our platform partner Elvenda.

Elvenda is an Australian dropshipping platform launching in mid-2019.

What’s a dropshipping platform?

The platform breaks up into two sides. Dropshipping suppliers, and dropshipping sellers.

Elvenda has a full product catalog available from suppliers all around Australia, ready for you to start selling on your ecommerce store in one click.

They’re being careful about keeping off-shore, slow shipped, bottom of the barrel products OFF the platform. It’s a terrible customer experience to wait 3 weeks for a pair of shoes.

Dropshipping Suppliers

All Elvenda suppliers are located in Australia, and 97% of orders are dispatched within 48 hours. 

Elvenda has a quality control engine, keeping an eye on supplier delivery times and customer happiness. The only suppliers they want on the platform are running real ecommerce customers already. These businesses understand how to turn around orders quickly, and understand customer happiness.

There’s a few platforms out there that advertise “over 1 million products! Only $29/month!”. I can’t think of something worse to trust with my hard earned, discerning customers, (who are thinking of my brand!) when they receive their products.

Suppliers are also encouraged to become sellers too. Sell products on your own online store that you find on Elvenda. If you sell high quality stationery, why not find a supplier to sell high quality IT gear too!

Elvenda = fast Australian dropshipping suppliers, who run real ecommerce stores.

If you’re running a small ecommerce store or a huge operation, give Elvenda a go for dropshipping in Australia.